Why Magma CMS?

User friendly

Magma CMS is easy to use. Modules are user friendly, standardized and administrated in the same way. Only basic computer skills are required to use and manage sites and applications built with Magma CMS. Training for Magma CMS is fast and efficient. Instructions are short and precise, written in common language that everybody, even those with little or no computer knowledge can understand.

Developer friendly

Magma CMS is fast, easy to modify and a great development platform. Site structure, web page structure and code architecture are all flexible. Modify existing and add new functionalities, develop new modules or produce entire applications in short terms. Read more about Magma CMS Features.

Extreme programming

Magma CMS allows rapid prototyping. Small teams can quickly build quality and fully customized web sites or web applications. Less time spent on creation, development and optimization allows lower price of the final product, which means reduced implementation risk for the customer. This makes Magma CMS suitable platform for large projects such as web portals, e-government or ERP systems.


Magma CMS is secure. Built-in features prevent bots from posting, users from spamming. Administrators have on disposal various tools which allows, with only few clicks, precise monitoring and control of visitors and users activities. Magma CMS supports SSL (HTTPS) protocol which can be used globaly for the whole appliclation, or just for specified modules.


Magma CMS is written in PHP. It uses MySQL database. With Apache as a web server, the platform needed for Magma CMS to run, is completely Open Source and free to use. Read more about Magma CMS technical requirements.


Magma CMS is on the market since 2003. We continually improve Magma CMS, but we also pay attention to backward compatibility. Support is available through detailed documentation, tech forum or direct consulting.