Where to use it?

Because of it's speed, scalability and system architecture which allows quick modification of existing, or creation of entirely new modules and applications in short terms, Magma CMS is a great platform for variety of projects.

Magma CMS Basic

  • Personal web sites
  • Blogs
  • Online magazines
  • School websites
  • University website design
  • Educational websites

Magma CMS Plus

  • Company websites
  • Multisite networks
  • Web portal development
    • News & Media portals
    • Classified ads
    • Science...

  • e-Commerce
  • B2B Matchmaking

Magma CMS Business

  • Corporate portals
  • ERP systems
  • e-Government
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Management Systems
  • Research Development Centers
  • Various Business applications
  • Science applications